Friday, June 22, 2012

Slides for learning to write an academic paper

Below are slides I often use to explain how to write an academic paper.

(1) Three most important questions you should ask about your paper.

(2) Three components of INTRODUCTION

(3) For important key terms, you need these.

(4) WHAT-HOW-WHY (detailed)

(5) The structure of your argument

(6) Argument consists of a line of small claims.

(7) Do not pretend that your argument is perfect.

(8) Get a wide audience for your narrow topic, and let them feel relevance.

(9) Four stages of writing a thesis

(10) Balance between overview and detailed description.

(11) Expand your horizons gradually.

(12) Towards the end of writhing a thesis, you need ...

(13) General/Specific and Before/After in a paper

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