Friday, April 8, 2011

Japanese citizens should not betray the trust in Japan by NOT acting

The Japanese Government and TEPCO cannot and must not betray the trust in Japan from the world.

Citizens of Japan hold moral responsibility for the international community to rectify and improve their own government and TEPCO that have only been showing insufficent measures for the nuclear disaster.

See the video taken in New York immediately after the earthquake on March 11.

Watch and see how you feel in your heart.

Can you honestly accept the goodwill now, after you've seen the insufficiency of your government and TEPCO? The Japanese government is not someone else. It is what represents YOU!

Do we, people of Japan, betray the goodwill to and trust in Japan by NOT acting?

If you don't act in Japan, I'd say you're no different from the executives of TEPCO (with due respect to the workers at the plants that are risking their lives).

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