Sunday, October 26, 2008

An example of task management

Here is an example of task management or project scheduling made by one of my students. With his kind permission, I put the PDF file on my server so that you can download if you wish. When you write a master thesis, you should probably analyze your tasks in a form like this.


(Incidentally, I'd personally use Excel for task management for its flexibility and adaptability.)


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チャーリー先生 said...


Thanks for sharing your students task management system. Very impressive, far beyond everything I've ever done, which is probably why I've never been able to finish anything like a master's thesis.

Personally I use remember the milk for tasks. But I like Excel and understand what you mean about its flexibility and adaptability. Is there any chance you could post your spreadsheets on your blog?

Yosuke YANASE said...

Thank you for your comment and letting me know about Remember The Milk.

I've only checked RTM for ten miniutes, but it seems like a very sophisticated software that is easy to use.

Currently I use Google Calender for managing miscellaneous jobs. My use of Excel for task management is limited to mid-to-long term projects.

Three types of Excel template (Monthly, Weekly and daily) are available at