Friday, April 25, 2008

Googley design

Design is one of my keywords. I'm attracted to it because I define it as "the science and art of reducing complexity for comfortable human interface." Design is pervasive from a mobile phone to an academic paper. It helps us to deal with reality that in itself is too complex for our bounded rationality. Through the science of design, we discover structures in reality. Through the art of it, beauty in experience. Design crystallizes our our being.

Together with technology, design is between science and art. In the sequence of science, technology, design and art, we find gradually shifted human activities to manage our life on earth (or in the universe). By the rationality science reveals, the efficiency technology acquires, the pleasure design affords and the joy art declares, human beings ceases to be a miserable being that must bear with harsh reality of the earth and the universe.

And here we meet, most likely thanks to the Google technology. Google is one of our icons of technology and design.

The official Google blog recently announced the Googley Design Principles:

1. Focus on people―their lives, their work, their dreams.
2. Every millisecond counts.
3. Simplicity is powerful.
4. Engage beginners and attract experts.
5. Dare to innovate.
6. Design for the world.
7. Plan for today's and tomorrow's business.
8. Delight the eye without distracting the mind.
9. Be worthy of people's trust.
10. Add a human touch.

The principles are extensions of Google's philosophy and you can read the detail of the principles here.

Gee, I'd like to be a little Google in my work and life!

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