Friday, February 1, 2008

Quasi-Luhmannian world view (clumsily expressed)

Where is the world?

Is it beyond your country?

Is it where “they” live, who are different from “us”?


The world is not beyond your country.

In the world, there are only “us,” who are all different.

The world is where differences are.

Differences cause communication, and communication produces more differences.

If there’s no difference, there’s no communication and the world stops.

All differences are connected through communication.

The world is where communication is.

The world never ends here or there.

It has no end, for communication has no end.

So it is not a matter of where, but of what.

What is the world?

The world is communication.

(inspired by Niklas Luhmann and originally written during a brief stay in the legendary city of diversity)

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